Dr. Numb is counted among one of the efficient and trusted topical anesthetic brands in the world. It is a certified product by Health Canada and an official trademark product in US Patent and Trademark Office.

Dr. Numb is recommended by both tattoo artists and healthcare professionals for a wide range of body modifications and treatments, including tattooing, waxing, and laser treatments.

Besides dermal procedures and body modifications, the cream is used as an immediate first aid or body aches, minor wounds and burns.

This is why it is common to see the cream in hospitals, medical supply stores, salons, spas, tattoo parlors, clinics and households. Being an OTC product, no doctor prescription is needed to buy it or apply it.

How Dr. Numb Works?

Dr. Numb blocks the pain receptors that send pain signals to the brain. You can start experiencing numbness within 20-30 seconds of application. Dr. Numb contains 5% lidocaine as its key numbing agent. It is the recommended amount of lidocaine in North America to be sold as OTC products. It also contains Vitamin E to soothe the skin.

How Long Does Dr. Numb Numbing Cream Last?

Dr. Numb can keep your skin numb for 2-3 hours, thanks to the percentage of lidocaine it has. Lidocaine is the strongest numbing agent. There are many creams which use tetracaine, benzocaine, and priclocaine which are not effective as lidocaine. It also depends how a person’s skin will respond to the cream.

What Quantity Will Be Appropriate?

The numbing effect somehow is also determined by the dose of the cream. Here we have explained how much Dr. Numb numbing cream you require for the various processes.

For Tattoos:

  • Use 10g tube for an ankle or wrist type tattoo
  • Use 30g tube for the tattoo of the size of your palm
  • Use Two 30 g tube for larger parts like shoulder, lower leg calf and upper arm
  • Use Three 30 g tubes for full upper arm and full lower leg

For Piercing:

  • Use 10g Tube for ear, lip or belly button
  • Use 30g Tube for more wide area piercings

For Waxing and Laser:

  • Use 10g Tube for bikini line and eyebrow pluck
  • Use 30g Tube for Brazilian waxing of lower legs below knee
  • Use two 30g tubes for entire leg area

For Botox and Cosmetics:

30g Tube for lips and permanent makeup

       Injections and Vaccinations:

One 10g Tube for 3-5 needle injection site numbing

One 30g Tube for 7-10 needle injection site numbing

How to Apply Dr. Numb Numbing Cream?

The way you use numbing cream also affects the numbing efficiency. For example, many people wipe off the cream before the mentioned time frame which eventually leads to low numbing efficiency. You should not wear the cream more than one hour either as it can cause side effect.

According to its manufacturer, the cream should be applied in following steps:

  • Clean your skin (to be treated) with soap and water
  • Apply Dr. Numb numbing cream liberally over the skin (wear gloves as touching the cream may numb your fingers)
  • Cover it with a plastic wrap
  • Remove the cover and wipe off the cream after an hour