Learn here how to make your tattooing less painful and more fun.

Many people give up getting a tattoo just because of pain. A sight of needling gun running over the skin is quite disturbing, let alone facing it. While it is true that tattoos do hurt, it depends upon your pain threshold and several other factors. Don’t worry.

Here are things help you get a tattoo without being hurt.

Get it Done from a Right Tattoo Artist:

A right tattoo artist not only gives you a brilliant tattoo, but also takes care of your pain. He knows how to carry out the process so that the client faces the process easily. You can have a word with him regarding the pain involved in the process and how to deal with that.

Get It on the Right Place:

Did you know? Getting a tattoo on some body parts is less painful due to the abundance of fat and less nerve endings. For example, arms, legs, and upper pectorals are covered with muscle and fat padding, thus, they are the least painful areas for tattooing. On the other hand, getting a tattoo on the boney surfaces like scalp, face, ribs and hand may be painful.

No Alcohol or Coffee before Tattooing:

Many people have a great misconception that boozing will minimize their pain. Ironically, it will only thin the blood, making the process even painful. You may have excessive bleeding which in turns make it difficult for the artist to do the job. Same goes with the caffeine present in sodas and coffee.

Bring Someone With You:

Coming with a friend is always encouraging when you are feeling something stressful like tattooing. His or her company will encourage and keep you in alleviated mood when the needle strikes over your skin. So, you should request him or her to accompany you during the session. However, bringing the bunch of friends acting like cheerleaders will only distract tattoo artist.

What About Numbing Cream?

If you are excessively worried by tattooing pain, then your one and only solution is a numbing cream. Also known as a topical anesthetic, numbing cream dulls the nerve endings so that they can’t send pain signals to the brain. It will keep your skin numb for two hours. In this way, numbing cream helps you get painless tattooing. Make sure to use quality numbing cream like Dr. Numb and Hush which are recommended by the tattoo artists and dermatologists around the world. Here are some ways to use numbing cream for tattooing:

  • Wash your skin with soap and water. Pat Dry
  • Apply numbing cream to the skin
  • Cover it with a plastic wrap for one hour
  • Remove the cover after one hour

Take Adequate Rest:

A tattoo session may last up to several hours depending on the tattoo size and delays during the process. Therefore, you should take enough rest before the process so that your patience and stamina can’t be tested. If your body has got plenty of rest, it will minimize pain of tattooing by releasing adrenaline and endorphins.

With the help of the steps given above, you can make your tattooing less painful and more fun.