When you want to get a tattoo or piercing done without pain,or want to reduce the pain after injury,numbing cream is best solution. In addition to numbing creams, there are a few other easy to use skin-numbing procedures, which can help you avoid pain. Before we discuss these, we need to understand that not all of these alternatives will have same effect for every individual. Since, skin of each individual is different, it is important to figure out which solution works best for you.

Here are listed six easy ways in which you can numb your skin.

 Use ice pack

Ice is one of the most common method to numb skin.Ice constrict the blood vessels, this reduce the blood flow below the area and can relive swelling, irritation and muscles spams.Rubbing ice pack on skin will temporarily give it a numbing sensation, but it won’t last for very long. Moreover, ice packwets the area it is applied to.

You have to be careful when you are using ice for numbing your skin. Always wrap the ice in paper towel instead of putting it directly on the skin, this will prevent frostbite. The trick is to keep moving the ice around the area in circular motion. Your skin will go through different stages, until it finallybecomes numb. Do this approximately for 20 minutes and test yourself by using straight pin. When you won’t feel anything, then you can be assured, you’ve reached the point of numbness.

 Rub alcohol

Rubbing alcohol for skin numbing is also another option. It is used for the less sensitive skin areas like ears. Though, it will not provide the same kind of numbness as ice pack but it is good enough to tolerate the pain from piercing.

Use topical aesthetic medicine

Topical anesthetics are medicines that numb and reduce the sensation of pain in the area to which they are applied. They are available as creams, ointments, solutions, eye drops, gels or sprays and may be applied to areas such as the skin, inside the mouth or throat, in the nose, or in the eyes.

Topical anesthetics may be applied to the skin to relieve pain caused by sunburn or other minor burns, insect bites and minor cuts. They are also used prior to vaccination or any procedures that require needle insertion.

Always consult your doctorbefore applying topical anesthetic, if you are pregnant or taking medicine. Tropical aesthetic works by causing a temporary loss of feeling in the area where you apply it. Large amount of medicine can create problem and it can lead to life- threating side effects. Common side effects of this cream are, hive, drowsiness, weakness, confusion, skin rashes, swelling of the face throat, lips ears, feet hands, lower leg or ankle. If you feel any of these symptoms, go to doctor or call 911 immediately.

Apply the cream an hour before aprocedure. The numbing effect of the cream will last for about three to four hours. Avoid its contact with eyes. If it mistakenly happens, wash it off with clean water or saline water and protect until the numbness is gone.

Use cloves

Cloves contain an oil, Eugenol that has the power to numb the skin. It is used in dental industry to numb the gums. It has been used for analgesic, local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects. It is used in the form of a paste or mixture as dental cement, filler, and restorative material.  You can also try this for numbing the skin.

Sitting on the limbs

The goal of this method is to temporary cut the blood flow in hands or legs. Sometimes, it is applied in tattooing when the pain increases, it helps to provide instant numbing effect. The effect is temporary and doesn’t last very long.

 Oral painkillers

You can go for the oral painkillers to minimize pain sensation. Painkillers are used for back pain, headache, menstrual cramps or toothache of course, you can also use it to numb the skin. Do consult your doctor before taking painkillers though, especially if you’re pregnant or taking any medication.

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