Numbing cream dulls the pain and sensation occurring during permanent makeup.

Eyebrows and lip line are the attractive facial features. Sadly, you lose the plumpness of your lips and thickness of your eyebrow as you age or due to certain medical conditions. While there are expensive surgeries to restore the charm of these facial features, many people choose permanent makeup to fix the appearance of their eyebrows and lip line. The reason is pretty simple—permanent makeup is affordable and non-surgical process.

Permanent makeup is a technique to define the eyebrows and lip line by implanting pigments into the skin. Simply put, it gives you a makeup like appearance done by pencil, shaper and lip liner which lasts for years. So, you wake up with expertly done makeup every morning.

How Permanent Makeup is Done?

It is a micro-pigmentation cosmetic technique in which a professional uses ink to draw or define the facial features. The technique is similar to tattooing, hence got a name cosmetic tattooing.

But Permanent Makeup is Painful…

Given that a needle is used to implant the pigment under the skin to draw the features, permanent makeup does hurt. If your pain threshold is low, then it will be a bigger concern for you. Even worse, PM leads to soreness and swelling.

Numbing Cream Eliminates Pain in Permanent Makeup…

Don’t worry! You can make your permanent makeup free of pain by using a numbing cream. Well, numbing cream is not a magic. It is a topical anesthetic cream that looks like any ordinary skin cream. It contains skin numbing agents that dull your pain receptors, desensitizing your skin. As a result, you don’t feel anything happening to your skin during permanent makeup. This is why many permanent makeup technicians advise their clients to use numbing cream before the process.

How Numbing Cream is used in Permanent Makeup?

A permanent makeup practitioner places anesthetic cream on the eyeliner with a Q tip and then covers it with a film or wrap for 10-20 minutes. The skin is likely to achieve numbness within 30 minutes of application. The lips are likely to be numbed in less than ten minutes as they are permeable. The numbing effect lasts for 1-2 hours.

Choose the Right Numbing Cream for Permanent Makeup

Not all numbing creams are same in terms of efficiency. Some numbing creams are so mild that they are not suitable for the intensity of the process. So, you should choose the cream that ensures sufficient numbing. To help you out, here we have provided you the guidelines to choose the right numbing cream for permanent makeup.

  • The cream should contain 5% lidocaine
  • The cream should be clinically approved
  • The cream should have positive user’s feedbacks across social medial platforms, ecommerce site and website

Some of the trusted numbing cream brands for PM are Dr. Numb, NumbSkin, Hush and Topicaine.

Precautions for Using the Cream (Even If It is Used On You By Practitioner)

  • Consult your doctor first if you are pregnant, breast feeding or nursing mother.
  • Don’t use the cream on broken or injured skin.
  • Consult your doctor if you have any health condition.
  • Don’t use the cream on wound or broken skin.
  • See your physician immediately if you experience burning sensation, racy heartbeats and drowsiness after applying the cream.

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