Brazilian waxing is really painful, but you need to get rid of unwanted hair this bikini season. Unless you have an extremely high pain threshold, you cannot bear the pain of Brazilian bikini wax. It sounds really scary, yet this is one of the best hair removal method to get rid of coarser and rough hair. Unlike shaving, this method of hair removal doesn’t even leave ingrown hair in your skin.

If you want to enjoy the benefits then you need to bear a little pain.

For those who have very low pain threshold, the following are the effective ways to relieve pain from Brazilian waxing.

  1. Be Consistent

The first time it’s going to be tough. With time it gets easier, as you hair gets thinner and softer with each waxing session. This means the more you wax the less it’s going to hurt. If you are going for a wax after shaving down there, then it will hurt like hell. However, the things will go better with time. So, it’s recommended to choose a professional who can guide you with some ways to relieve pain during waxing.

  1. Numbing Cream

Some technicians will recommend you to use numbing creams like Dr. Numb for a painless waxing experience. Well, the purpose of a numbing cream is to block the nerves within your skin so that you don’t feel pain while waxing. Before applying, read the instructions manual that comes with your numbing cream. The numbing cream needs to be applied 30 to 45 minutes before going in for a wax. Before applying any such cream, make sure that you’re not allergic any of the ingredients present in the cream.

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  1. Go right after your time of the month

Your pain threshold is higher just after your period ends. So, you can plan your waxing appointment for a few days after your period. During this time, you probably can deal with the pain better than other days of the month.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin before the waxing. This will remove the dead skin cells and allows your esthetician to remove all the hair in one go. This way there will be no need for tweezing after the waxing is done. Exfoliation after the waxing is also important to prevent ingrown hair. So, do it regularly before and after your waxing session. It will eventually help you relief pain – as removing hair with tweezers or removing ingrown hair are also painful.

  1. Skin your coffee that day

On the day of your waxing try to avoid your favorite cup of coffee. This is because caffeine and alcohol act as stimulants in your body and actually make you more sensitive to pain. So, it would be good to leave your coffee on the day you are going for a wax.

  1. Take a Pain Reliever

You can also take a pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil 30 to 60 minutes before your appointment. You must consult a physician before taking any such pills and if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in these pills, then don’t take it. However, non-allergic people may rely on these pills. These painkillers are able to reduce the feeling of pain and also help with controlling any possible inflammation.

  1. Ask for cold compression

If your skin is extra sensitive, you may even ask your esthetician for a cold compress. It can just be cold water right after a wax, or if you’re in a more upscale salon, they may offer you a soothing rose water toner.