Are you worried over your tattoo scarring or blowouts? See if these optimal ideas can help you get rid of them.

Not everyone has a good experience with tattooing. Many people have reported that they had scarring and blowouts which have ruined their tattoos. Such things happened when a tattoo artist penetrates the skin too far or at the wrong angle. Eventually, the ink goes too deep into the skin where it can run into unwanted areas. It triggers the development of the scars as the skin has been damaged by the needle.

Tattoo scars and blowout not only ruin your tattoo design, but also affects your self-esteem. Luckily, there are many clever tricks to hide your tattoo scarring. For example, you can go for cover up tattoos. Then, there is a laser tattoo removal as the last resort.

Here we have rounded up such ideas to remove or hide tattoo scarring.

Ask for a Background Shading to the Tattoo:

You can cover up the scarring by getting another design over it. However, you should get it done from an experienced tattoo artist. Generally, a blowout is visible on the outer most edge of a tattoo. To conceal this, you can expand on or add illustration to the tattoo. Or you can add some background shading to cover the blowout. Make sure to choose the color that matches with the tattoo. However, you should avoid using skin colored dye to hide the scars as it is difficult to find the dye that exactly matches your skin. It will only make your tattoo looks worse.

Use Makeup:

You can also use makeup to hide your tattoo scar or blow out. First of all, put a makeup primer over the area you want to hide. Later, apply a base of foundation that resembles your skin color using a brush. Now add an eye shadow on the area. You can use darker color like orange and pink (according to your skin tone). Here are the steps you need to follow afterwards…

  • Spray the area with hair spray to lock the color onto your skin
  • Once the hairspray dries, apply a concealer that resembles your skin tone. Blend the concealer into the skin around the tattoo.

Or If You Can Wait:

In some cases, tattoo blowout will fade over time. You can wait for a year to see if the scarring has gone completely. See if it is a bruise or blowout. The tattoo will look good once the bruise heals.

Laser Tattoo Removal—Your Last Resort to Get Rid of Tattoo Scarring:

If the above mentioned methods fail to remove or hide the tattoo scars or blowout, then you need to opt for a laser tattoo removal. In laser tattoo removal, intense beams are emitted towards your tattooed area to break up the ink particles. It takes multiple sittings to fade your tattoo.

However, laser tattoo removal is painful because of intense laser beams. You feel as if someonesnapping a rubber band on your skin. This is why you should use a topical anesthetic or numbing cream before the process. Numbing cream is applied to the skin like any ordinary skin cream. It dulls the pain receptors so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin. Some of the best numbing creams for laser tattoo removal are Dr. Numb, Hush and Topicaine.

With the help of these methods, you can get rid of ugly tattoo scarring and blowout.