I am women, in my 50’s, from Las Vegas. I am suffering from a heart disease, and every sixmonths I have to go for Catheterization, it is a very painful process. For those who don’t know about it. It’s the procedure in which a long narrow tube called catheter is carefully inserted into an artery or vein. Usually, the insertion is carried out either from groin, neck or arm. It is threaded to reach your heart. And it is done through theblood vessel. Then a dye is injected through the catheter which helps the doctors to look at the vessels and chambers of the heart. Inspection is done using a special X-ray machine. After the catheter is placed, the doctor can run diagnostic tests easily.

Although cardiac catheterization can be performed by a team of an expert cardiologist, doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical professionals only, and in a hospital, yet it pains a lot. But my doctor recommended me to use numbing cream before the treatment; I and my husband researched over internet and found many numbing creams, and asked my doctor he suggested us Aspercreme and Numb 520

Both are effective and good at numbing process, I have tried both so here is some description about them.


Aspercreme is a topical anesthetic cream, which works by reducing swelling and inflammation in the muscle and joints. This product really reduces the pain. I take prescription painkillers but they are not always enough. I find Asperacream products do the trick by numbing out the pain and spasms.

It is really easy-to-use and does not have any odors. It is not greasy. Does not burn or have heat when you apply it on theskin.

Numb 520

Numb 520 helps relieve discomfort and itching associated with anorectal disorders and catheterization. Numb 520 has Anesthetic Active Ingredient- 5% Lidocaine per Subpart B, 346.10 (f), so when you apply it on the skin it temporary numb the area. The numbing effect will take place within 2~3 minutes of application. The maximum effect will be attained within 20~25 minutes. The effect will last approximately 1 hour from the peak time of the numbing effect.

Numb 520 is non-greasy and easy to apply and remove. Avoid evaporation by making sure to apply a generous layer to ensure that Numb 520 will be absorbed by the skin. The Application of the Numb 520 is very important otherwise, it won’t work. Apply a generous portion of the skin that should be 1mm thick. After that, cover the area with cling paper or cheesecloth like material; let it covered with that 1 hour. After one hour, wipe it with adamp cloth. Important instruction; don’t apply it for more than one hour.