I am suffering from coronary heart disease and for its treatment, I’ve to go through Cardiac catheterization, which is really tough and painful procedure. During cardiac catheterization, a long thin tube called a catheter is inserted into an artery or vein in your groin, neck or arm and threaded through your blood vessels to your heart. The treatment is really hurting but thankfully there are numbing creams on the market which help you to decrease the pain.

There are two creams, which I personally like -Aspercreme and Numb 520, these creams numb the area for a temporary time and reduce the pain of the procedure. I used both the creams during my treatment.


Aspercreme is a topical anesthetic cream, which works by reducing swelling and inflammation in the muscle and joints.This product really reduces the pain. I take prescription painkillers but they are not always enough. I find Asperacream products do the trick by numbing out the pain and spasms.

  • Apply generously to affected area.
  • Massage into painful area until thoroughly absorbed into theskin.
  • Repeat as necessary as but not more than 4 times daily.

It is really easy-to-use and does not have any odors. It is non-greasy. Does not burn or have heat which I personally dislike. Aspercreme has a cool feeling when you put it on, a reson I like in comparison to other brands I have tried, which have been many. There are two brands which I personally like-one is, of course, Aspercreme and second is Numb 520.

Numb 520

Numb 520 helps relieve discomfort and itching associated with anorectal disorders and catheterization. Numb 520 have Anesthetic Active Ingredient- 5% Lidocaine per Subpart B, 346.10 (f), so when you apply it on the skin it temporarily numbs the area. The numbing effect will take place within 2-3 minutes of application. The maximum effect will be attained within 20-25 minutes. The effect will last approximately 1 hour from the peak time of the numbing effect.

Numb 520 is non-greasy and easy to apply and remove. Avoid evaporation by making sure to apply a generous layer to ensure that Numb 520 will be absorbed by the skin.The Application of the Numb 520 is very important, otherwise it won’t work. Apply a generous portion on the skin, which is ideally 1 mm thick. After that, cover the area with cling paper or cheesecloth like material; let it remain covered for an hour. After one hour, wipe it with adamp cloth. Important instruction; don’t apply it for more than one hour.