Tattoos are painful but we don’t mind getting a perfect design or quote inked on our skin. There may be no way to make the tattooing process painless. But numbing creams provide immediate pain relief and are the best way on the block to minimize main during tattooing.

If you are considering getting a tattoo in spite of your low agony limit, you definitely need to look for a good numbing cream to help you feel minimum possible pain while being inked. Although, there are many aftercare tattoo products available in the market, very less discussion is done on numbing creams that must be considered before getting a tattoo.

Such topical anesthetics can be applied before the tattooing process, so you don’t feel any pain when the needle starts piercing and penetrating ink into your skin. We are sure you must have started wondering which numbing cream is best for reducing pain during and after getting your new tattoo. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of five best tattoo creams that are beneficial to attain no pain, as well as, provide you the best result during and after the tattooing process.

  1. Numb

What are best 5 Tattoo Cream to consider before getting tattoo1

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Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic that needs to be applied before getting a tattoo. It provides you instant numbing effect as it dulls nerve endings and numbs your skin for at least three hours. It’s important to use the product correctly to avoid any long-term effects. It contains lidocaine 5% as the active ingredient. Lidocaine is known as one of the top topical anesthetics and used in most numbing creams available in the market. You can get Dr. Numb cream over the counter without any prescription from a pharmacy. However, we still recommend that you consult your tattoo artist before applying any numbing cream.

  1. NumbSkin

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This numbing cream for tattoos contains 5% Lidocaine and 5% Prilocane – the two active numbing agents that work in synergy to provide extreme impact and solace. This cream is safe to use at whatever time you need to relieve pain. It can be used while getting tattoo, waxing, laser or needle injection. This one is also easily available at any pharmacy and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use it.

  1. Numb 520

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Numb 520 is another popular cream that contains 5% lidocaine and offers a very strong numbing effect. This topical anesthetic has been developed by Ebanel Laboratories in California, an organization experienced in developing high-standard skin care products as well as being global leaders in fields such as stem cell-conditioned media technology.

You should instantly start feeling the numbing effect in your skin as soon as this cream is applied. It works immediately within 5 minutes, and the maximum numbing effect should be reached within 20-25 minutes, which is extremely quick compared to other creams of the same type. It provides you the maximum numbing effect for a minimum of around an hour. However, some customers have stated that the numbing effect remains for more than an hour.

  1. Greencaine


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Developed by FDA managed research laboratory in US (under pharmaceutical specialists), Greencaine is another effective numbing cream. This cream contains an amalgam of non-oily aloe vera formula with 4% lidocaine hydrochloride. This topical anesthetic is the best numbing cream for tattoos as this cream soaks directly into the skin and doesn’t leave any build-up on the skin, unlike most solutions.

  1. UltraNumb


What are best 5 Tattoo Cream to consider before getting tattoo5

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UltraNumb is the water-based topical cream that contains 6% Lidocaine. It is profoundly prescribed by tattoo artists and it gives extreme numbing effect that can last up to four hours.

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