Hi, I am Shannon Johnson, 35-year-old female. I recently had undergone dermarolling treatment to reduce the fine lines and certain acne scars on my face. Earlier, I was totally skeptical about this treatment because I heard it is a very painful skin treatment procedure. Being someone with low pain threshold, it was obviously difficult for me to bear the pain of needles poking my skin. But the increasing number of fine lines on my face was a major concern.

So, I consulted a skin specialist who told me about how the entire procedure is done. With that informational interaction, I got to know that the demaroller contains needles but these are sufficiently long enough to help you with the infiltration of your healthy skin. These needles won’t harm the skin or scalp in any capacity. It is typical for the skin to be somewhat delicate when scalp rolling is initially initiated; however, no major issues are involved.

It was such a huge sigh of relief for me knowing that the treatment was easy and won’t have any negative impact on my skin in long run. But another major concern was the pain associated with this treatment. I had heard about a lot of people using various numbing creams or solutions before beginning any skin treatment. However, I only wanted to use something that’s prescribed to me by my physician.

Knowing my big concern regarding the pain caused by dermarolling, my skin specialist immediately recommended using Numb Anaesthetic Solution and trust me the results were amazing. I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure and now even my skin feels good. This topical anesthetic contains 5% benzocaine to desensitize and numb the skin prior to any medical skin treatment. This active ingredient helps in removing pain and distress from the treatment by numbing your skin before difficult microneedling or some other medical treatment.

How much numbing cream is needed?

Approximately, 30 grams of the numbing cream might be used for roughly 10 dermaroller medicines if the area is about the palm size.

How to use numbing cream

  • Clean the dermarolling area thoroughly and pat your face dry with a towel
  • Try not to cover the skin with stick wrap.
  • Apply the numbing solution and leave a thick layer on your skin.
  • Leave it on for around 20-30 minutes when your skin is set up for small-scale needling or whatever other cosmetic treatment that required numbing.
  • After that wipe the cream off, so you can securely proceed with the derma-moving method.

Top customer reviews:

Here are some of the top customer reviews about this numbing solution:

David Blake

This product works fast and feels nice on the skin. It does product does exactly what it should. The topical anesthetic numbs the surface of the skin where you are microneedling. This product indeed works better than anything else I’ve tried.

Kiara Wilkerson

I used it prior to waxing. I simply applied it and let it sit for about 20 minutes before waxing. It numbs the skin efficiently and makes waxing even sensitive areas nearly painless.

Alma Gracia

It is a good product that provides the efficient numbing effect, but it doesn’t last long.

Michelle Twain

I would recommend this product to everyone. It worked for me so well and provided the expected results.

Selena Blake

I was happy to use this product, it does exactly it’s meant for. Good results and felt nearly no pain while microneedling.


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