Laser tattoo removal is an efficient way to get rid of bad tattoos. However, it can’t be denied that it causes pain and discomfort due to the intense laser beams. Well, I’ve experienced it firsthand when a poorly made tattoo was getting on my nerves. I headed in for a laser treatment. Though the tattoo was effectively removed, the process was like if someone snapping rubber band against my skin. I wanted to get it over as soon as possible. But that pain was worth rewarding. My second time to remove the tattoo has come when I was bored of my tattoo design.

But I was aware of the pain. It prompted me to look for the options to ease the pain. Most of my friends suggested me to use ice pack compression and specific type of oils. However, I asked the laser professional over the concern and he suggested me to use a numbing cream. Numbing cream? I have used it somewhere while getting the tattoo. It worked really well. So, I had no doubt over its use for the tattoo removal process.

Guess what! It also worked in laser tattoo removal. I felt relatively less pain and discomfort. Over the time, I have used numbing creams of different brands to remove the tattoos.

Here I have listed best numbing creams out of them you can try for your tattoo removal:

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is the most popular numbing cream for tattooing, piercing, and minor surgeries. I found it equally beneficial for the laser tattoo removal. I have used it for many times. The cram contains lidocaine that is an active numbing agent which dulls the pain receptors. Dr. Numb can keep your skin numb for an hour or more. Use it one hour before the process. The cream doesn’t interact with the laser process.

Numb Master:

Numb Master comes in not so attractive packaging. Its jar reminds you of the mini grease container. However, the cream is useful for reducing the pain caused in laser tattoo removal. It lasts for one hour and easily sits on the skin.

Pain Script:

Pain script is more of a relief cream than an anesthetic cream, meaning that the cream eases your pain, but it won’t numb your skin efficiently. You can still experience heat or cold, though you don’t feel pain. It is odorless cream and leaves less buildup behind. It is better to use the cream after the laser treatment to soothe the irritating skin.


Topicaine is marketed as the topical anesthetic for laser treatments including hair removal. So you can trust it for your laser tattoo removal also. Since it is a translucent gel, it won’t interfere with the laser process and is easily absorbed by the skin. To get the most of it, consider it use nearly an hour before the process. However, you may need more than two tubes as the cream is meant for small areas of application.

Extra Strength Pre TAT by TAT Balm:

Besides being a numbing cream, Pre TAT is an antiseptic gel to protect your skin from infection. It also moisturizes your skin. You can choose it for your laser tattoo removal due to its benefits for your skin. According to its manufacturer, the gel is free from CarbomerCarbomerA Plastic Based Gelling Agent, and Triethanolamine, two major unhealthy chemicals found in other gels. Consider it using at least 30 minutes before the process.


So, this was my compilation of the best numbing creams for tattoo removal (according to my personal experience). Which cream is best?

I think all creams listed here work well as I have used them. However, it is important to make sure that the cream fits in your budget and you are not sensitive to the ingredients.