I am a female in my 30s; from California.I’ve been suffering from hemorrhoids for many years. I was simply just too embarrassed to go to a doctor to ask for a hemorrhoid treatment. But after a week of suffering constant pain itching and burning. I finally made doctor’s appointment, I was shy at first but my doctor was very nice, he asked everything about my problem and prescribed me Thera-Gesic cream, and believes me, after applying the cream I went from constant pain to pain-free within10 minutes. The cream is really helpful, and pain relieving.

I also searched about Thera-Gesic on the internet, it’s a numbing cream that numbs the area for short time. While searching I also found out about another numbing cream, Blue-EmuSuper Strength. This cream also has the property to heal Hemorrhoids. But they both have different in ingredients and price.


Thera-Gesic is a water-based cream that actually allows the two active ingredients, menthol and methyl salicylateas an analgesic and counterirritant for penetrating pain relief. The cream begins to work in seconds. Thera-Gesic cream can be used for the oral medication and can help provide relief for minor pain.It’s an analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream that helps a lot in motion and mobility of affected joints.

An important advantage of Thera-Gesic is that rapidly absorb into your skin provide and effective relief. We should apply this cream equally every time we use it, if you want it to be more effective you can also increase the quantity or by adding anadditional layer but no more than three times. To get the maximum effect Thera –Gesic wait 60to 90 minutes before washing. The application of numbing cream is very important otherwise, it will notnumb an area of your skin properly. The price of Thera-Gesic is 3.0 OZ/ $3.38.

Blue-Emu super strength

The Blue-Emu super strength cream is created using Emu oil, the cream is combined with Aloe-Vera gelwith anyother ingredients in order to achieve a maximum strength formula. Other ingredients include water, cetyl alcohol, steric acid, as well as other ingredients included in it. Unsaturated fatty acids make up around 70% of Emu oil. Being natural transdermal carrier,emu oil is very effective and penetrating deep into the skin. It also has the anti-inflammatory action to get the core of the pain of joint and muscle pain. You can even incorporate it into a healing regime for scars and burns.Blue Emu is also effective for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The price of Blue-Emu strength is 4.0 OZ/ $12.48 is of the cream.

Both the creams are good and effect perfectly, but everybody has his \her own skin type so always consult your doctor before applying these creams.