Numbing cream are the topical anesthetic creams that are used to reduce pain in small areas of the body including skin, throat and nose. These creams help to numb the pain of minor procedures, such as electrolysis, and can help athletes manage muscle pain. The primary ingredient in the numbing cream is lidocaine which is an anesthetic with analgesic sedative, numbing cream also has the cardiac depressant properties.

The main purpose of the lidocaine is to block nerve endings locally, to prevent pain signals from travelingto the brain. Although the most powerful skin numbing creams are only available by prescription, you can purchase certain topical anesthetics over the counter at your local pharmacy. Always talk to your doctor before using a topical anesthetic, as adverse side effects may occur if not used with caution.

No scream cream

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No scream cream is used by many women before waxing or laser treatment. The main ingredients used in no scream cream areBenzocaine 20%, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Methyl Paraben, PEG- 8, PEG-75,Imidazolidinyl Urea Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Propyl Paraben,Triethanolamine, and Water.

Benzocaine 20% is the active ingredient that reduces the pain by blocking nerve sensation. It needs to be applied 40-45 minutes before waxing. The cream is basically ideal for those who are new to waxing. No scream cream should be used in a small area of the body like bikini area, lip, eyebrows and underarms. The price for 1 0z of no cream is roughly $40.

How to apply No scream cream

The application of no cream is easy, to use it apply the thick layer of the cream in desired area of the skin, until it goes white.  Don’t rub the cream like a lotion. Once the cream is properly applied you need to wait 40-45 minutes.  After that you can wax the desired area.  Before the process, clean all the cream off your skin.

Numb Anesthetic Solution

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Numb Anaesthetic solution contains benzocaine as the active ingredient chamomile, moisturizer ylangylang, and calming lavender. The solution is designed to use before bikini and facial waxing. Numb anaesthetic can also be used before laser treatment but always ask your doctor before applying it. The price for 4 ounce of Numb Anaesthetic solution is about $10.

How to apply Numb Anaesthetic Solutions

Use the solution before waxing to desensitise and properly clean the skin. Pour some lotion on the cotton ball apply the lotion on the skin. Allow it to dry 1 minute before waxing. After waxing apply the conditioner. Don’t use the lotion on the damaged skin.


No scream cream and numb anaesthetic solution both are good, it would be difficult to choose one over the other since both have their own merits. If you talk about the price No scream is a little more expensive than the numb anaesthetic solution. It isreally an individual’s choice to choose from liquid or cream.

It is however recommended and important to seek a doctor’s approval before using either of the two. You need to be sure your skin does not react to the ingredients of these anaesthetics in any way.

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