Numbing creams are topical anesthetic that are used to numb the skin temporarily. The cream contains 5 % lidocaine which is an anesthetic with analgesic. The main purpose of cream is to block the nerve endings to prevent it from sending pain signals to the brain. The result of this is the failure to feel the pain. There are many numbing creams and each has its own function. So always choose carefully before applying them or consult with your doctor.

Dr. Numb

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Dr. numb is a topical anesthetic cream, which features lidocaine in highest permitted content. The topical cream should be applied before piercing or tattooing. The cream is approved by the food and drug administration (FDA). Dr.Numb is available in three forms gel, cream and spray.  Dr. Numb cream is water based non-oily cream that is guaranteed safe. The cream obstructs the nerve conduction in the area it is applied, which leads to temporary loss of sensation. So when the needle is pierced in the body you will feel nothing. The price of the numbing cream is around $54.

How to apply Dr. Numb numbing cream?

Applying numbing cream is no rocket science, you just have to be careful about certain things that you must do right before you apply Dr. Numb cream.

  • Wash the area well with soap or water before applying the numbing cream.
  • Always wear surgical gloves while apply the numbing cream on the body.
  • After that cover the area with a cling paper or plastic wrap for about 40-45 minutes.
  • Don’t leave the cream applied for more than 1 hour.
  • Clean the cream using a damp cloth and you are ready for the procedure.

Gigi Anesthetic numbing spray

Which is the best Numbing Cream for Piercing Dr. Numb vs GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray-2

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Gigi anesthetic is the topical anesthetic numbing spraythat penetrates the skin. The spray desensitizes the skin for waxing, and it contains 4% lidocaine. The area where it is being sprayed is numbed within minutes and you are ready for the procedure.

GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray temporarily numbs the surface of the skin with a special Lidocaine based gel formula for sensitive skin. This topical anesthetic penetrates the surface of the skin numbing the area to be epilated within minutes. GiGi spray is mostly used for waxing or other procedures.GiGi anesthetic has the skin soothing aromatic blend that helps you to numb the desired area. The spray has many different ingredients including lidocaine 4% Isododecane, Isobutane, SD Alcohol 40, Propane, Thymol Eugenol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Oleth-5 and Fragrance. The price from 1.5oz of cream is about $14.99.

How to apply it

Simply wash the area with soap and water, pat dry. After that shake the GiGi anesthetic spray bottle and directly spray it on the desired place. After few minutes your skin will not feel anything and you can go through the waxing or any other procedure easily.


Both the spray and cream have their own benefits, choosing one is really difficult but if you want immediate result you can go with the GIGI anesthetic spray. It will numb the desired body part fast but don’t spray it near the eyes. Always consult your doctor before applying any numbing cream or spray.

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