Are you heading in for a laser hair removal? If so, pain and discomfort caused by intense laser beams may bother you, especially if you have a low pain threshold.

Gregory Turowski, MD, PhD and a plastic surgeon, says, “The level of discomfort depends on the treated area, the texture of the hair, and skin. Darker skin people are more sensitive because they have more pigment, not just in the hair, but in their skin as well. Patients with dark and coarse hair experience more discomfort as well. After each treatment, the hair becomes lighter or thinner and the pain subsides, which makes it easier to handle the laser.”

So, it is clear that the pain depends on the texture of the hair, skin and the area. If you have gone through a painful laser hair removal before, it is time to get it with a numbing cream.

A numbing cream reduces the pain and discomfort occurring during the process by dulls your pain receptors. It can be used like any ordinary topical cream and then wait for one hour.

Here we have listed the efficient numbing creams to choose for your laser hair removal process.

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is the trusted local anesthetic brand and is used for tattooing, piercing, and minor surgeries. Many laser professional and dermatologists recommends Dr. Numb for laser hair removal for many reasons. The cream contains 5% Lidocaine and provides a numbness lasting for an hour. You can use Dr. Numb numbing cream on any part and it is safe for a sensitive skin.

Dr Numb

The cream is not sticky and goes well with the laser process. It is certified by Health Canada and is approved by the FDA.

Numb Master:

Numb Master is one of the popular anesthetic creams and is recommended for tattooing, piercing and laser hair removal. The cream contains 5% Lidocaine, a key anesthetic agent. The manufacturer claims that the lidocaine penetrates the dermis and epidermal layers deeply to target pain receptors.

Numb master

The cream guarantees a long lasting numbing effect up to an hour while you can experience numbness within 20 minutes. It means that you can wear the cream while leaving the home for the laser clinic. You can wash the cream with a soap and water.


Hush is known for its clear gel like substance and blend of herbal extracts like aloe, making it different from other anesthetic creams. It is used by many tattoo artists and the people looking for home laser hair removal treatments. However, it is not as efficient as other numbing creams listed here.

Hush Gel

No Scream Cream:

No Scream Cream is the product by Deborah Merher, a licensed aesthetician and waxing expert. Apart from that, Deborah has launched number of depilatory products over the years.

Despite being a numbing cream for waxing, it is ideal for laser treatments as it contains 20% benzocaine. Besides, the cream has safe and natural composition compatible with all skin types. The cream is not as efficient as other cream. But it makes a great choice if you are looking for a budget numbing cream.

No Scream Cream

TOPICAINE 5% Numbing Gel:

Topicaine contains lidocaine in 5% and can be used for wide range of processes including tattooing, piercing, and laser hair removal. The good thing about Topicaine is that it doesn’t interact with the laser process due to its gel substance. It reaches deep into skin layers to numb the nerve endings. It guarantees a numbing effect for one hour. Topicaine has extensive list of ingredients including Aloe vera leaf extract, Shea butter, Jojoba seed oil and glycerin.

Lidocaine 5% Gel

It is the best product if you experience skin irritation after laser treatments, thanks to its natural and moisturizing ingredients.

Lidocaine Plus Cream:

Lidocaine is a well prices numbing cream for the customers with tighter budget. The only cons with the cream that it is like more of a relief cream than an anesthetic cream. The cream contains 4% lidocaine hydrochloride. It can be used to ease the pain caused by minor burns, sunburns, scrapes, cuts, insect bites and other minor irritants.

Lidocaine Plus

The cream will minimize your pain, but it won’t dull you skin. So, consider the cream after your treatment.

Which one do you want to pick? Whatever you choose, make sure it works for laser hair removal process.


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