Being a tattoo enthusiast, I believe pain and tattooing go hand in hand. To get those beautiful illustrations on your body, you have to go through pain and discomfort caused by the needle movement on your skin. I have seen many of my friends dropped the idea of getting a tattoo or gave up in the middle of the process just because of the pain.

It wasn’t until I heard about numbing cream that I realized the pain can be reduced in tattooing. I have found that the cream is the best way to keep the pain and discomfort lower during the tattooing. This is because numbing cream numbs the skin’s nerve endings so that they can’t reach to the brain.

However, it is equally important to choose the right cream as not all creams are same on the numbing efficiency. This is because some numbing creams have mild numbness while some are not that efficient for larger and longer tattoos.

Here I have reviewed some popular numbing creams available in the market to help you choose the right one for your process.

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is the largest selling numbing cream in the world. The cream is highly recommended by both tattoo artists and dermatologist. Dr. Numb contains 5% lidocaine and has an efficiency to keep your skin numbed for an hour. Dr. Numb is a multipurpose cream and can be used for piercing, minor surgeries, waxing and laser treatments other than tattooing. The cream is an FDA approved product, besides being certified by Health Canada.


With four star rating and thousands of positive feedback, LMX guarantees a wonderful user experience. And one more thing—the cream is manufactured by America’s leading pharmaceutical company known as Ferndale Labs.

It contains 5% Lidocaine. The product works well, though you have to let it leave on your skin for longer.


Hush is the popular numbing brand for all type of cosmetic procedures and body modification. It is approved by FDA and can be used before and after treatment. It won’t disturb the quality of tattoo ink and is good for the healing of the tattoos. Hush is a numbing gel composing of herbal extracts like aloe vera, green tea and chamomile. It is free from Epinephrie

​It is free from Epinephrine and paraben. Hush goes well with longer tattoo sessions and larger tattoos.

Blue Gel:

Blue Gel comes in an attractive packaging. Besides being enriched with 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine, it contains a vascular constrictor to ease swelling, bleeding and bruising. It is ideal for the process on the lips and inner arms as these areas tend to bruise and bleed easily. And you can use it on the broken skin, unlike other numbing products.

Pre TAT Balm:

Pre TAT Balm plays 3 roles—topical anesthetic, antiseptic and skin preparation cream for tattoo. It minimizes the chance of side effects and infections. The cream contains efficient natural astringent that expands your skin layers to support the quality of your tattoo. It also speeds up your healing time. The cream contains various natural extracts like witch hazel, nutmeg, bee wax, and coco butter, besides having Lidocaine.

Deep Numb:

Deep Numb contains 5% Lidocaine, 2% Prilocaine, 1% Benzocaine and 1% Gentamicin. It is great for tattoos, but you can use it for dermal fillers and piercing. Its strength lasts up to 2 hours though the numbing depends on the skin type and body location. A 10g tube can be used on the 3’’x3’’ of your skin.

So, these are the top numbing cream for tattoos you can choose from.

However, you must be careful while applying a numbing cream as wrong use can lessen efficiency or pose side effects. Here are some general guidelines to use a numbing cream:

  • Wash your skin with antibacterial soap
  • Pat it dry with a clean towel
  • Apply thick layers of numbing cream over the skin going to be tattooed
  • Cover the area with a plastic cover or cling
  • Wait for 1 hour and unwrap the cover

In this way, you can numb your skin for tattooing.


Which numbing brand is best for your tattoos? Remember, you have to consider the several factors like size of your tattoo, tattoo placement and budget. For example, you can choose Dr. Numb numbing cream for a large piece of tattoo.