Here we have reviewed the best numbing creams for piercing.

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Piercing is an exciting thing. After all, it adds to your style. Apart from that, piercing is the symbol of being coming of age and culture. There are over 100 styles of piercing exist, from ear piercing, nose piercing to belly button piercing.

However, it can’t be denied that piercing is painful. Well, this is no brainer. The sight of needle piercing the skin is quite disturbing, let alone getting it.

There are many ways to suppress your pain, from distraction, painkiller and icepacks. However, nothing is as efficient as a numbing cream when it comes to dulling the pain associated with piercing.

Numbing cream is a local anesthetic which blocks the nerve endings so that it can’t send the pain signals to the brain. Numbing creams are generally available as OTC drug, meaning that doctor’s prescription is not necessary to buy them.

Here we have reviewed the best numbing creams for piercing:

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is a popular numbing brand widely recommended by dermatologist and piercing artists alike. The cream is approved by FDA and Health Canada, meaning that the cream is safe for health. The cream is the best for critical skin process like piercing, tattooing, waxing and surgical incisions. It contains 5% lidocaine and keeps your skin numb for over an hour. Dr. Numb is very simple to use and doesn’t react with your skin.


Like Dr. Numb, HUSH has craved its niche in the presence of plenty of numbing brands. Though the cream is made for tattooing, it can be used to dull the pain associated with piercing. It contains 4% lidocaine. As an added bonus, the cream is packed with aloe vera and several botanical extracts which are good for skin healing. In nutshell, HUSH not only desensitizes the skin, but also promotes healing.

Numb Master:

Numb Master is counted among the popular anesthetic creams. It goes well with tattooing, piercing and laser hair removal. It efficiently dulls the pain as it contains 5% lidocaine. Its numbing effect may last up to an hour while you start experiencing numbness within 20 minutes post piercing.

No Scream Cream:

No Scream Cream is formulated by Deborah Merher, a licensed aesthetician and waxing expert. Besides, Deborah Merher isknown for its range of depilatory products. It is ideal for piercing as it contains 20% benzocaine, especially if you are looking for a cream for lip piercing. It is safe for all skin types. One more thing—it fits easily into your budget.

TOPICAINE 5% Numbing Gel:

Being equipped with 5% lidocaine, Topicaine is an effective numbing brand for range of skin process including piercing. The skin absorbs it quickly due to its gel substance. It’s numbing effect last for one hour. Besides, it eases redness and swelling occurred from piercing, thanks to its botanical extracts like aloe vera leaf, Shea butter, glycerin and Jojoba seed oil.

Hustle Butter Deluxe:

What’s in the name?

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a numbing cream which is beneficial for “before” and “after” piercing. It not only dulls pain, but also heals the redness, bleeding and swelling. Its ingredients contain coconut, green tea, Vitamin E, sunflower and essential oils.