Numbing sprays are easier alternative to numbing creams in terms of application. This is because you don’t need to use your fingers to apply them, unlike creams. It takes a few minutes to apply. As an added bonus, you can easily use the spray over hard to reach area.

However, they take it longer to set in while their effect won’t remain as long as the numbing creams do. Therefore, you should only use numbing cream of good and reputed brands.

Here we have listed the top tattoo anesthetic sprays according to their ratings and reviews on various platforms like Amazon and Bizrate.

Hush Tattoo Anesthetic Spray:

Hush is the popular anesthetic brand and is known for its range of numbing creams and sprays. Its numbing sprays are available in 2 oz. bottles, 4 oz. bottles, cases of 12 2 oz. bottles, and cases of 12 4 oz. bottles.

Hush topical anesthetic is approved by FDA and is considered as the strongest OTC product in category of spray. The spray contains 4% lidocaine, alcohol, and purified water. Besides, it contains herbal extracts like aloe, menthol, green tea, comfrey root and chamomile for a soothing effect.

Hush topical anesthetic is specially made for tattooing and can be used on all parts of the body. It goes well with sensitive skin as it is free from epinephrine and paraben.

You should use HUSH spray once the skin has been “broken” by the artist. It guarantees a numbing effect lasting for 30-40 minutes.

Vasocaine Numbing Spray Painless Anesthetic Numb

Vasocaine has good reviews on Amazon. Many users have praised the spray for its efficient numbing effect. Like Hush, the numbing spray works well over the pierced or broken skin. To easily break the skin ahead of tattooing, you can use dermaroller on the area to be treated. The micro needling will break the skin and allows Vasocaine to seep in.

Derma Numb Tattoo Anesthetic Spray:

Derma Numb Tattoo anesthetic spray makes the list of top numbing spray for tattoos because of its long lasting numbing effect.Besides being a numbing product, the spray is known for its skin healing, cell rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties as it is rich in yarrow root and yucca glauca. Lidocaine is the main numbing ingredient, making it start working within 90 seconds of use.

System One Tattoo Ice Numbing Spray

System One has been developed for tattooing process. The spray minimizes redness, irritation, discomfort, apart from numbing the skin. The spray is claimed to start working within 90 seconds after application. It contains 3.5% lidocaine and goes well with all skin types.

Bactine Antiseptic and Anesthetic Spray:

Bactine contains 2.5% lidocaine and .13% benzalkonium chloride. The ingredients used in the spray are fragrances, purified water and other inactive ingredients. Apart from reducing your pain, the spray promotes healing and minimizes swelling and redness caused by tattooing.

How to Use Tattoo Numbing Spray?

There is a difference between the application of tattoo numbing spray and cream, though both are used for the same purpose. Spray gets an edge over the cream when it comes to apply on the skin. All you need to use it on the skin at least half an hour before the process. Wipe it off after the prescribed time frame. Some tattoo sprays like Hush or Vasocaine give best results when used over the broken skin. You can do this by using a dermaroller over the skin to create tiny punctures. Or it is better if you follow the guidelines given on the pack. Avoid using numbing spray in excess as it can lead to health hazards.