I am 25-year-old female from California and want to undergo electrolysis hair removal treatment. Someone, who has already undergone this procedure, told me that it’s very painful. But on the internet, I found out that it depends on the pain tolerance level of an individual. Electrolysis is performed by inserting a hair-thin needle or probe into a hair follicle and then applying an electric current to the follicle to destroy it.

The penetration of needles into the skin is definitely going to be painful. My skin is very sensitive so I am really worried about the pain, but seriously want to go for this procedure – as I’m fed up of unwanted body hair. Recently, I started searching ways to reduce pain during electrolysis hair removal. I came across two numbing gels that can be applied topically on the skin to be treated.

Topicaine 5% and Biofreeze are two effective numbing gels that work by being absorbed into the layers of skin being treated so that there is no sensation during the treatment. It is important to follow the guidelines correctly when applying lidocaine cream, to ensure that it works correctly. You also need to make sure that you do not use too much or for too long as this may cause certain side effects.

Topicaine 5%

It is a non-oily, translucent topical anesthetic gel containing lidocaine 5% in a microemulsion with skin permeation enhancers and soothing agents. Physicians and esthetic professionals use this skin numbing gel for a number of medical and beauty treatments, including electrolysis. The skin numbing results are obtained 30 minutes to 1-hour post application. You need to be patient to give the product time to work for obtaining the most benefits out of it. If the application time is 30 minutes, the skin numbing effect will last approximately 1 hour. If you apply the product for 1 hour, your skin will remain numb for about 2 hours, even after you remove it. So, it is very effective in providing the numbing effect to the patient.


Biofreeze contains menthol as its active ingredient. Menthol has a characteristic smell, which typically vanishes within minutes of application. The cooling effect of menthol, a natural pain reliever, is to soothe minor muscle and joint pain. It penetrates quickly, offering relief through cold therapy. It causes your brain to interpret the nerve signals being sent as a sensation of cold, triggering a reduction in inflammation.

Both these numbing gels work by numbing the nerve sensations in your skin. However, Biofreeze contains a natural ingredient, hence, suitable for people who are allergic to lidocaine or don’t want to put any harsh chemical on their skin. Moreover, its cooling effect will not cause any itchiness or redness on the skin, like in case of Topicaine (due to the presence of lidocaine).