I am a 21-year-old model from NY; I wanted to get off rid of my spotted skin, as modeling industry wants to be your skin perfect and flawless. My friend recommended me to go for a laser treatment. But I was extremely scared of pain as my skin is so sensitive. Many doctors over here use tranquilizers before treatment for a painless procedure. But I was also uncertain about the use of tranquilizers and didn’t want to undergo the process of tranquilizer. So I started my research for the alternate ways to get rid of the pain during the of laser treatment.

During the time of my research, I also found about numbing cream options Numb 520 and Thera-Gesic. I also came to know about that these creams are not meant for the same purpose. All of these creams have different ingredients.

Numb 520

It uses for the temporary relief of local and anorectal discomfort or inflammation.  The main ingredients cream contains is Lidocaine 5% per Subpart B, 346.10 (f) for a very strong numbing effect. It helps relieve discomfort and itching associated with anorectal disorders. The cream is for the external use. Avoid evaporation by making sure to apply a generous layer to ensure that Numb 520 will be absorbed by the skin. The Application of the Numb 520 is very important otherwise it won’t work. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat. It will approximately kick the skin within 3-5 minutes and maximum numbing effect within 20-22 and will last about 1 hour.


It is an anesthetic cream that is used to treat minor aches and pains of the muscles/joints. Menthol methyl salicylate is known as counter irritants they work by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm. These distracting feelings relieve the aches /pain in your muscles, joints.

An important advantage of Thera-Gesic is that it is rapidly absorbed into your skin-providing prompt and effective relief.

Thera-Gesic is a water-based cream that actually allows the two active ingredients, menthol and methyl salicylate, to penetrate the skin and begin to work in seconds. Thera-Gesic cream can use for the oral medication and can help provide relief for minor pain. It’s an analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream that helps a lot in motion and mobility of affected joints. The application of the numbing creams is also important otherwise they will not affect inthe desired way. If you want Thera-Gesic’s maximum effectiveness, wait about 60-90 minutes. The price of Thera-Gesic is 3.0 OZ/ $3.38.