Shots are no fun! No matter how brave or big you are, a sight of needle advancing towards your skin can raise your Goosebumps. Well, you are not alone as nearly 50 million Americans have a fear of vaccination needles. To your surprise, at least 20 percent of them skip treatment just because to “save” themselves from the needles. The fear of vaccination is also known as Trypanophobia.

From blood tests, killing the pain to preventing diseases, vaccination is important for your health. In fact, they can be a difference between life and death. But how can you ease the pain (and fear) of vaccination?

Numbing cream is an answer! Numbing cream reduces the pain occurring during vaccination by dulling your pain receptors for a while. Therefore, you feel confident while taking the shots.

Here we have reviews the top numbing creams for injections that are safe and won’t interact with the process:

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is a popular topical anesthetic brand being recommended by dermatologist for various dermal processes. It contains 5% lidocaine. It can keep the skin numb for one hour or more which is an ideal duration for multiple shots. Dr. Numb is certified by Health Canada and an official trademark product US Patent and Trademark Office. Use the cream one hour prior to your vaccination!

Numb Master:

Like Dr. Numb, Numb Master contains 5% of lidocaine and keeps your skin numb for an hour.

Greencaine Numbing Cream:

Many people experience swelling and redness at the shot sites. In this scenario, Greencaine numbing cream is best for many reasons. It not only dulls your pain, but also soothes your swelled or bruised skin with its aloe vera and jojoba oil contents.

Greencaine is also used for minor irritations, burn and insect bites.

Topicaine 5% Lidocaine Gel:

Topicaine is a popular numbing cream used to minimize the pain occurring during tattooing and piercing. The cream also eases the pain of vaccination. It contains 5% lidocaine, as suggested by the name.


Hush is available in gel form and ensures a numbness of over hour or more. Though the cream is“specifically engineered for tattoos with both the client and artist in mind”, it is useful to reduce the pain in vaccination. It also soothes your swelled skin as it contains botanical extracts like aloe and green tea.

So, these are some of the creams you can use to ease the pain and fear as well occurring during vaccination.

Make sure to keep the things in mind while using numbing cream for shots:

  • Use the cream at least one hour before vaccination
  • Consult your physician in case you have doubts over numbing cream
  • Use the cream as mentioned on the pack