Being a tattoo enthusiast, I have used several numbing products to reduce the pain and sensation while going under the needles. And I have found that not all numbing creams are same. Some numbing creams are less efficient while others are good for the process. Here, I am going to review two popular numbing cream brands—Greencaine and Topicaine 5% Lidocaine Gel.

I’ve chalked out the major differences between them, from efficiency, uses, ingredients and prices.

Greencaine vs. Topicaine: Ingredients

Greencaine contains 4% Lidocaine along with caprylyl glycol, carbomer, disodium EDTA, glycerin, glyceryllaurate, SD alcohol 40B, triethanolamine, water.Plus, Greencaine has the goodness of aloe vera and jojoba oil, two skin healing ingredients.

On the other hand, Topicaine has 5% lidocaine and is packed with some botanical extracts like jojoba seed oil and Shea butter. The other ingredients are water, ethanol, glycerin, glycerylmonolaureate, benzyl alcohol, carbomer 940 and EDTA, and alpha bisobolol.

So, it is clear that both creamscontain some part of natural extracts, meaning that they are good for skin healing.

Greencaine vs. Topicaine: Numbing Efficiency

This is the point you really care about. Greencaine contains 4% lidocaine while Topicaine has 5% lidocaine. It means that Topicaine is effective than Greencaine as it has one percent more lidocaine.

Therefore, you should prefer Topicaine for large and critical skin process like tattooing, permanent makeup and waxing. Although you can use Greencaine for the same processes, its numbing power won’t be that efficient.

Greencaine vs. Topicaine: Skin Healing Properties:

Apart from numbing your skin, both creams have several ingredients to ease bruises, swelling and irritation resulted from tattooing.

Starting from Greencaine, it is packed with the goodness of aloe vera that soothes the skin. You can use the cream in case of itching, burns, and insect bites, apart from tattooing.

Likewise, Topicaine contains jojoba oil and Shea butter to promote skin healing after tattooing. You can use it to get relief from burns, cuts, and skin irritations.

Greencaine vs. Topicaine: Numbing Duration

Whereas Greencaine ensures a numbing effect up to one hour, Topicaine guarantees a numbing effect up to 1-2 hours. Given that gel is absorbed faster by the skin, Topicaine wins hands down.

Greencaine vs. Topicaine: Application

There is no specific way to use either of the creams. They should be used according to the instructions given on the pack. Generally, you should wash your skin with soap and water to remove oil and debris before applying the cream. Dry your skin with a clean towel and apply the cream liberally over that. Cover the area with a plastic cling for one hour. After that, you should wipe off the cream.


So, this was a brief comparison between Greencaine and Topicaine. Both creams are good, though they may vary slightly on the points like efficiency, numbing duration and ingredients. If you are going for large tattoos and laser treatments, you can trust over Topicaine’s numbing efficiency. Greencaine is ideal for small tattoos, piercing and hair removal at home.