Laser hair removal delivers top notch results, but let’s be honest that it can be painful. But, beauty is pain, right? Not really. What’s the key to pain free laser hair removal? Well! It is numbing creams.

There are myriad numbing creams available in the market. Which one do you pick? We’ve done all the diligent work for you, and have rounded up the five best creams for you.

  1. Numbingcream

Numbingcream is a doctor suggested topical anesthetic cream that works like magic.

The numbing impacts are expected to the 5% Lidocaine in the formula, the key active ingredient. The considerable thing about this cream is that the impacts are enduring like, around an hour or two. It begins producing results in as little as 20 minutes, which implies you can put on the cream before you go out, and appreciate a practically pain free laser hair removal session.

  1. HUSH anesthetic Cream

The HUSH anesthetic cream is really designed for tattoo pain, which means it’s truly capable and viable. The considerable thing about this cream is that its effects last up to four hours.

Much the same as Numbingcream, this cream’s active ingredient is Lidocaine, but this formula uses a concentration of 4%. Not just you can use this cream for laser hair removal, you can even use it for tattoo pain, electrolysis, permanent makeup, waxing, piercing, and even tattoo removal.

  1. Topicaine 5% numbing gel

Topicaine is a kind of numbing gel which contains 5% Lidocaine. This is the thing that really numbs the skin, and it achieves deep into skin layers to achieve the pain receptors.

With a prescribed application time of 30 to 60 minutes, you’ll have to use the cream in appropriate time. What we truly like about this cream is that its additional ingredients are mitigating and helpful for the skin, which is awesome for post-laser treatment.

The ingredients of this cream include;

  • Aloe Vera leaf extract
  • Shea spread
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Glycerin

These ingredients are considered as excellent moisturizers for the skin, and the Aloe Vera likewise mitigates the skin.

  1. No Scream Cream

The No Scream Cream is really made for waxing. However, it’s sufficiently enough to numb the skin for laser treatments as well. It’s not exactly as powerful as the above creams are, but if you’re on a tight budget, it’s an awesome alternative.

The No Scream Cream really uses a formula with 20% benzocaine to numb the skin. It takes around 30-45 minutes to kick in, however, the results are brilliant. Therefore, if you can’t stand the pain of laser hair removal, these creams will help make the whole session more agreeable and charming.

  1. Lidocaine Plus Cream

In case you’re on a tighter budget, Lidocaine Plus Cream, with 4% Lidocaine, is a keen choice. The main disadvantage with this cream is that it goes about as more of a relief cream than a numbing cream.

It’s prescribed to use on pain caused by sunburns, minor burns, rub, cuts, bug bites and other minor irritants. But, it won’t numb your skin. I highly prescribe Lidocaine Plus, as an after-treatment cream and it’s amazing at easing pain.

Just pick any out of these 5, and make your laser hair removal process pain free! For queries or suggestions, write us in the comments section given below.