Whether it is waxing or laser hair removal, all depilatory ways are painful, especially if you have a low pain threshold. It is no fun to experience the feeling when you pull off the strip or undergo the intense laser beams for hair removal. Here numbing cream can help you!

Image Credits: Drnumb.com

Here we have compiled some top numbing cream for painless hair removal!

Dr. Numb:

Dr. Numb is a popular numbing cream for waxing, tattooing, piercing and minor incisions. It has the safe percentage of lidocaine (5%) which keeps your skin numb for an hour or two (depending on the way to use). Dr. Numb is certified by FDA and Health Canada as well, meaning that the cream is safe for health.


Relifor not only numbs your skin, but also healing redness and swelling after hair removal. The manufacturer claims that the cream has been formulated by a leading orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist. Menthol is the key numbing agent present in the cream which desensitizes pain with its cooling sensation.


HUSH is a popular topical anesthetic product that is proven to minimize pain in tattooing and piercing. And it is equally beneficial for hair removal. Actually, HUSH is a non-oily and clear gel that contains botanical extracts like aloe vera. HUSH contains 4% lidocaine, meaning that the cream will keep your skin numb for significant amount of time.

No Scream Cream:

We have listed No Scream Cream in this list as it is formulated by Deborah Merhar, a licensed aesthetician and waxing expert. It contains 20% benzocaine.

Lidocaine Plus:

Besides ensuring a long lasting numbing cream, Lidocaine Plus promises healing with its aloe vera extracts. The cream can keep your skin numb for nearly an hour.

Numb 520:

Numb 520 is an effective numbing cream for painless hair removal as it contains 5% lidocaine. It will ease your pain, soreness and burning associated with the hair removal. According to the claims made by its manufacturers, the cream numbs the skin within 3-5 minutes of application which would be last 1 hour. The cream has received 4 star rating at Amazon.

Blue Gel:

Blue Gel attracts eyes with its glossy packaging. But it is 4% lidocaine and 2% Tetracaine that make it worth your money. It also contains vascular constrictor to soothe swelling, bleeding and bruising. It can be used on the broken skin, unlike majority of the numbing creams.

Greencaine Numbing Cream:

This cream has got excellent customer ratings on Amazon! The cream contains 4% microemulsion that makes efficient. The cream is non-greasy and can be easily wiped off with the numbing strength lasted for an hour. As an added bonus, Greencaine includes aloe vera and jojoba oil to heal the skin. It comes with a 3 years of shelf life.

How to Use Numbing Cream for a Hair Removal?

  • Wash your skin with soap and water
  • Pat it dry
  • Apply thick layers of numbing cream to the skin
  • Cover it with a plastic wrap to generate the heat. (Don’t use a heating pad.)
  • After one hour, remove the cover

Your skin is ready for a painless hair removal!