I started losing my hair in mid- 20s and now I’m 29-year-old. Hair thinning has really lowered my confidence level, as some of my friends of same age group look younger – all because of healthy hair. I even tried many medicines and hair oils for hair regrowth but none of them is effective. A month ago, I read an article on hair imitation that is giving back a large number of people their lost happiness and aesthetic appearance.

Hair imitation, also known as micro-pigmentation, is used to fill in the gap in receding hairline. However, hair Imitation is often mistaken for tattooing or permanent makeup, but it’s actually it’ not. It is described as a semi-permanent makeup or dermal-pigmentation in which inorganic pigments are implanted beneath the first layer of skin-epidermis with needle micro insertion.

The process requires special equipment and trained professionals. In the process, every individual shaved hair follicle is repeated with a dot. When applied on the larger surface, it creates an illusion of uniformly shaved head or beard. The ink is implanted into the selected area, natural hair color is matched exactly with pigmentation. Dark shade gives the illusion of three-dimensional head full of hair.

Now let’s talk discuss the painful part. The needle micro insertion is required to create hair imitation. So, it’s a painful process. The needle insertion feels like sharp pinches on the scalp, but people with a low threshold (like me) can’t bear that. To reduce the pain during the procedure, I found out about two numbing creams – LMX 5 or Aspercreme. Both of them are over the counter numbing creams so it’s obvious these are used for the same purpose. But these topical anesthetics vary in ingredient consistency.


LMX-5 Cream contains lidocaine in concentrations of 5% as well as 4%. It is used in different parts of the body to cause numbness or loss of pain for patients having certain medical procedures. It is also used to relieve pain during minor skin procedures and can be used before hair imitation technique.


It is another effective topical anesthetic with a maximum strength of lidocaine (2.7 Ounce). Lidocaine block nerve sensations so that you don’t feel pain during clinical treatments on the skin. This one can also be used during various skin procedures such as hair imitation or other minor surgeries.

Both creams can be used for this surgical procedure, but it’s recommended that your doctor check you closely for any problems or unwanted effects that may be caused by lidocaine. Check with your doctor right away, if you have a rash, burning, stinging, swelling, or irritation of your skin after using any of these topical anesthetic creams.